Amber Sigman is currently working as a freelance photographer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has owned and operated her business for 12 years. During the summer of 2007 she traveled in Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia teaching photojournalism to high school students from the United States. Prior to teaching, Amber spent three months backpacking through Thailand and Laos, as part of a personal adventure, and spent another three months living in Alaska were she worked on a photo documentary for a non-profit organization that taught youth about subsistence living. 
Amber worked for MSNBC.com as an independent contractor and photo editor for the daily desk throughout 2006 and the early part of 2007. She chose the Best of Olympic images during the 2006 Winter Olympics and helped edit the Week in Pictures. Amber was photo editor for the daily desk during world-changing stories such as Saddam Hussein's execution, NASA's shuttle take-offs, and the Enron verdict.
Her personal and professional mission is to use her photography to enhance awareness. Through photos, she aspires to invoke compassion for people and places outside of our everyday lives in hopes of eliminating disconnection between people and encouraging unity on any level, no matter how small. Amber believes that photography has power to do this. It's the unspoken voice, which is sometimes the most powerful in her belief. 
She has a degree in photojournalism and anthropology with emphasis in culture from Western Kentucky University. Awards won include 1st place sports photo with sportsshooter.com, 2nd place photo story with the Wyoming Press Association, 3rd place feature in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association, and 1st and 2nd place features in the WKU NPPA clip contest.

Oh yes, and of course Amber loves snorkeling and continues to find ways to make meaningful images both near and afar.

Amber can be reached via e-mail at
Phone: (727) 729-0880

Amber Sigman Photography
2007 to present
Currently based in the Tampa Bay area
Freelance photographer
Rustic Pathways
Photojournalism teacher in Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia
2006 & 2007
Redmond, Wash.
Photo Editor (independent contractor) for daily desk and 2006 Winter Olympics
The Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, Ind.
Photo Intern
Jackson Hole
News and Guide

Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Photo Intern
ROTC Leadership Training
Ft. Knox, Ky.
Photo Intern
College Heights Herald
2001 - 2005
Bowling Green, Ky.
College Heights Herald
2000 - 2001
Bowling Green, Ky.

Amber Sigman Photography

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